Pratter means price matters. is a consumer advocacy company. We believe you should know the cost of your medical care - before you buy it! There are three trillion dollars with hidden price tags spent each year on health care in the United States. is placing a spotlight on these costs to help save working Americans billions of dollars.

Pratter offers a medical cost savings employee benefit service. Look up your price by zip code on Can’t find it? Call, email or live chat us and we’ll get it for you - and add that to our database too. We’ll even answer your billing questions. Pratter is partnering with stop loss carriers, third party administrators (TPAs) and employee benefit/brokerage firms to create true medical cost transparency.

Pratter’s mission is to empower and serve businesses and consumers with pricing and access options to help reduce medical costs by billions of dollars annually.

Pratter’s vision is to create medical cost transparency throughout the United States for all outpatient medical care including blood work, imaging studies and elective medical procedures - before the time of purchase – creating capitalism in health care for the first time ever.